TradingScreen: Facilitating Aggregate Liquidity in e-Trading

TradingScreen: Facilitating Aggregate Liquidity in e-Trading

CIO VendorPierre Schroeder, CEO
Technology has evolved to become an important facet in capital markets for asset managers. Without proper asset management data, companies find it difficult to make informed decisions related to work management, resulting in huge financial loss. Today, traders are witnessing rapid adoption of technology that is improving asset management with real-time data. However, the technology being expensive is a concern for asset managers seeking an intuitive interface for trading. To ensure an ultimate, cost-effective trading experience, TradingScreen, a fintech company, connects the buy side institutions with the sell side seamlessly through its flagship product, TradeSmart. It offers a fully-customizable experience for buy side clients to trade at anytime, from anywhere, in any asset class.

The buy side workflow model provides real-time interaction with global exchanges, Multi-Lateral Trading Facilities (MTFs), Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), and Over The Counter (OTC) market makers—all from a single access point through a single platform. On the sell side, firms are connected to TradingScreen to achieve a wider distribution of listed and OTC products. The company provides the sell side a web-based platform to access multiple product classes and value-added services including analytics and algorithmic trading strategies. With instantaneous accessibility and interaction, TradingScreen reduces both the IT and support costs of its clients while improving profitability.

TradeSmart is a SaaS product that incorporates a proprietary approach to data normalization. Its visualization capability facilitates liquidity aggregation across exchanges and other liquidity pools.

The platform selects the most efficient network path for keeping customers ahead of their competition through its proximity hub routing. It connects to numerous portfolio and order management systems that provide an integrated experience for the buy side workflow, delivering comprehensive and intuitive access to algorithmic trading strategies. For an unprecedented trading experience, TradeSmart features portfolio analytics, order execution, real-time Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) analysis, and allocations.

To utilize the integrated environment of market participants, TradingScreen provides TradeExchange, a fully hosted solution enabling traders to create and run a market place. It provides a unique ecosystem for asset managers to enhance their relationships and connections, and facilitate liquidity in any asset class. TradeExchange includes a single point access to multiple Financial Information eXchange (FIX) compliant trading protocols along with advanced administrative, monitoring, and surveillance tools—all fully integrated with a state-of-the-art lightweight front-end distribution system.

In addition to seamless trading capabilities, TradingScreen‘s TradeWealth supports the numerous aspects of day-to-day activities of wealth managers. It is a user friendly web-based platform enabling wealth managers to consolidate positions, rebalance, and automate the post trade process with their custodians. TradeWealth combines a powerful and flexible integration framework along with an HTML5 GUI designed to simplify and digitize the key tasks of a modern wealth manager—ranging from CRM and position management to trading and post trade settlement. It provides an outsourced, multi-vendor, integrated wealth management technology ecosystem across all accounts, custodians, and asset classes at every stage of the wealth management life cycle. With its integrated wealth management workstation that is delivered on a SaaS model, TradeWealth helps asset managers and private bank traders manage assets with ease.

Over the last few years, TradingScreen has expanded its reach across major markets. In the near future, the company aims to further improve its offerings and include emerging technology trends for asset managers to trade efficiently. By incorporating latest technology and features, TradingScreen envisions an error-free connection between buy-side and sell-side firms with a much better trading experience.