Imagine Software: Comprehensive Financial Risk Management

Imagine Software: Comprehensive Financial Risk Management

CIO VendorDr. Lance Smith, CEO
The financial crisis and its aftermath have made it critical for the asset management industry and other financial firms to adopt and employ more effective risk management technology and systems in order to successfully navigate market events. Today, investors expect asset managers to have institutional-quality governance, processes and controls, as well as to provide greater transparency around risk management practices. To satisfy investor demands, asset managers are increasingly looking to re-tool their risk management programs, placing greater emphasis on transparency and the need to be prepared for disruptive events, such as Britain’s recent decision to exit the European Union, or an unexpected outcome of the US presidential election. At the same time markets are becoming increasingly faster and the technological hurdle correspondingly higher.

In the post-2008 landscape, Imagine Software has been integral in helping firms cope with the onslaught of regulatory and market challenges that impact portfolio management, risk management and compliance. Working with Imagine, asset managers can assure the investor community that they have the most robust and secure risk management platform.

Founded in 1993 by a team of technical and financial experts from Wall Street, Imagine has been driven by innovation since day one. Today, Imagine provides an integrated real-time data, analytics and solutions platform that drives the entire front-to-back engine for financial firms worldwide. In 2000, Imagine was the first in the industry to launch a full-service, cloud-based Application Services Provider (ASP) that delivers extensive asset class and instrument coverage to support every level from trading to operations to compliance and effortlessly scales for growth.

“Our Imagine ASP platform is a responsive solution for firms seeking real-time portfolio management, risk and regulatory reporting capabilities,” notes Dr. Lance Smith, CEO of Imagine Software.

Our Imagine ASP platform is a responsive solution for firms offering real-time portfolio management, risk and regulatory reporting capabilities

Imagine’s ASP provides real-time pricing, a global security master, corporate actions processing, derived market data and a host of critical risk functionalities, eliminating the internal IT support requirements associated with institutional-grade financial software. “Leveraging the ASP solution, firms can make more informed decisions, maximize returns and gain operational efficiencies,” says Smith.

Imagine’s superior technology and analytics deliver capabilities that firms need to develop and execute optimal trading and hedging strategies across equities, fixed income, credit, FX, commodities, swaps, and exotic asset classes. It also combines advanced instrument and trading strategy support with pre and post-trade analytics and powerful position management to help firms comply with a range of regulatory demands.

Clients can also run stress tests based on actual historical scenarios with Imagine’s real-time data warehouse; for that matter they can also create their own hypothetical scenarios. “Whether it’s a fund, global administrator, custodian or investor, implementing our highly interactive limits-monitoring system allows them to keep a track of positions, portfolio limits, market risk and exposures,” explains Smith.

Imagine’s single, comprehensive technology platform helps firms to efficiently manage risk at both the portfolio and enterprise level, with a continuing stream of market-leading advances, including:

• A flexible margin module to compute and monitor margin requirements
• The ability to stress test margin calls
• A high-performance risk and compliance solution that offers real-time exposure metrics (including VaR) across millions of positions and millions of intraday trades

“Looking forward, we aim to continue to outpace the industry with solutions and products that address the complex needs of our financial clients around the world,” concludes Smith.