eOriginal: End-To-End Solution for Electronic Transactions

eOriginal: End-To-End Solution for Electronic Transactions

CIO VendorStephen F. Bisbee, President & CEO
It all started in late 1990’s when Stephen F. Bisbee initiated the development of secure technology systems integrating business processes and legal parameters to enable the first fully electronic, multiparty mortgage, lease, and international trade transactions. Along the lines of the above parameters, he oversaw the creation of unique eOriginal solutions, enabling the efficiencies of fully digital commerce and continues to lead the growth of the company. Concomitantly, Bisbee supports the development of ESIGN Act and is also the lead inventor for 109 patents issued in 41 countries protecting the proprietary eOriginal methods and processes. “Growing acceptance and demand for digital transaction management and post-signature asset management is driving rapid growth,” reckons Stephen Bisbee, President and CEO of eOriginal. To address this need, eOriginal provides customers with the capability to realize the true benefits of fully electronic transactions and the resulting business process improvements through its eAsset Management platform.

The firm’s eAsset Management platform provides the maintenance, control, and use of critical documents that have an intrinsic value, such as loan and lease agreements. It stores and protects these assets in a fully electronic environment throughout their entire lifecycle, including post-signature execution that ultimately results in collateralization, securitization or pledging in the secondary markets. It maintains the authenticity of original documents and the identity of the signatories and the integrity of the content. As a result, lenders can respond quickly to auditors and regulators with a new level of transparency, in real time and across various document types over the entire chain of custody.

eOriginal also enables its customers to deliver easier auditability and provide their capital partners with the comfort that investor-owned loan documents can meet funder requirements with verifiable security and compliance.

Growing acceptance and demand for digital transaction management and post-signature asset management is driving rapid growth

With its digital asset management process, eOriginal’s solution quickly and easily scales to meet the needs of investors. Additionally, the solution allows modification during the asset’s lifecycle is executed electronically significantly speeding up the time to re-register the loans to the fund and decreasing the possibility of human error. This signing-tool-agnostic platform provides maximum confidence for companies in the entire lending process creating valuable efficiencies and offering the flexibility of extending the use of eSignatures across their enterprise.

As a testimony of such expertise, eOriginal assisted J.D. Byrider, used car sales and finance enterprise with their solution. As the majority of customers use the dealership franchise to obtain funding, it was critical for J.D. Byrider to maximize efficiency in the loan application and funding process. Hence, the company approached eOriginal in need of a solution that empowered them to go beyond simple electronic signature functionality to enable asset sales and securitization, while housing the assets in a secure vault. With its new digital financial transaction system, J.D. Byrider is now able to accelerate their loan and sales processes, increase efficiency by reducing the time and energy that was used to check signatures and enable and expedite secondary market asset management, collateralization and securitization.

eOriginal’s progression is due to businesses striving to make financial transactions more efficient to improve margins. In a world that is rapidly developing and digitally transforming, the firm will continue its commitment to innovation excellence with new product enhancements. eOriginal has expanded in a short span in the horizon and is focused to build long-standing relationships with clients through their systematic platform.