LANDESK Software: Gaining Deeper Insights of IT Assets

LANDESK Software: Gaining Deeper Insights of IT Assets

CIO VendorSteve Daly, CEO
Enterprises today are under tremendous pressure to maximize the value of their corporate assets as businesses are incurring exorbitant costs due to unmanaged IT assets. To obtain the best possible business outcome, enterprises are seeking for effective asset management tools to gain data insights, compliance, and visibility. In one instance, Troika Dialog, an investment company needed to manage its complex and geographically distributed IT assets and gain a greater transparency in its IT operations to enhance their IT infrastructure. Reviewing over 20 IT asset management solutions, Troika found LANDESK Software, an asset lifecycle manager. LANDESK proffers end-to-end service management solution for four essential corners of any organization—unified endpoint, IT Service, endpoint security, and IT asset management. The firm’s user-centric IT solutions are designed to maximize user productivity, while considerably reducing the software license costs, simplifying audit preparations, and minimizing business risk associated with IT complexities. “We help organizations simplify and automate IT processes to keep employees productive,” says Steve Daly, CEO of LANDESK Software.

LANDESK’s IT Asset Management Suite helped Troika Dialog to track IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from purchase to disposal. The LANDESK suite of solutions also provided data synchronization with accounting systems to enable the client to accurately record the changing financial value of IT assets.

Their IT Asset Management Suite is a comprehensive suite of software compliance, software license management, inventory, asset lifecycle management, and reclamation solutions, wrapped in a single asset manager workspace. The Suite includes two key solutions—Asset Central and Asset Intelligence. Asset Central is designed to manage the hardware and software life from purchase through to disposal and Asset Intelligence discovers inventory owned hardware and software to monitor new purchases, and tracks the software usage.

We efficiently managed and improved our client’s IT assets by providing real-time data on the company’s assets

This Asset Central solution is available on both on-premise and cloud. It defines and manages the life of our customers’ hardware and software assets, helping them to gain the most out of their IT investments. Whether the customer needs to manage software, hardware, server, virtual, physical, or cloud assets, Asset Central provides a single and complete view of the client’s IT asset management position.

On the other end, LANDESK delivers an effective Asset Intelligence solution that helps customers optimize their IT assets from the moment a new asset is acquired. The solution aggregates vendor data with B2B connectors, and monitors software license usage to make intelligent business decision-making. Implementing LANDESK’s Asset Intelligence solution, customers can gain a broader view of how users interact with assigned software applications to ensure license compliance. By doing so, the client can mitigate IT spend on managing assets by identifying and reclaiming unused licenses. Collaborating both Asset Central and Asset Intelligence, LANDESK delivers a complete view of our customers’ IT asset management position in a single ITAM Suite.

The newest addition to the IT Asset Management Suite family is the Asset Manager Workplace solution. This LANDESK solution identifies the state of customer’s assets, where they are stored, how they are being used, and track their performance from a single business-value dashboard, helping them to make efficient and timely decisions for better productivity.

“We at LANDESK believe customer intimacy to be our competitive advantage,” articulates Daly. Innovation is LANDESK’s key strategy to design new software asset management tools and solution, to significantly reduce customers’ software license expenses, simplify audit preparations, and mitigate business risks.