Fimax: Automating Asset Management

Fimax: Automating Asset Management

When it comes to asset management there is a simple mantra—“The bigger the organization is, the more complex the task. Without a proper solution in place, it can quickly get out of hand.” Bagging in-depth knowledge and expertise in framing independent and institutional asset management, back office and compliance software solutions, a team of Swiss financial professionals, designed and developed Assetmax, a modern browser based application aimed at catering to the current business needs for asset management. Today, enterprises are overwhelmed with the increasing complexity and cost of compliance, including incompatibility with their existing systems along with increased regulation, lower profitability, higher transparency, and information requirements of demanding customers. Assetmax, is assisting businesses overcome these challenges. The asset management system is not only a software platform, but also a business process and a practice-oriented solution for independent asset managers. “Assetmax has been designed with the focus to automate business processes relieving corporate management from the administrative burden and information overload, allowing them to focus on what counts most—clients and performance,” says Massimo Ferrari, CEO, Fimax.

Assetmax encompasses end-to-end processes of asset management into a single integrated solution enabling enterprises to handle client portfolios seamlessly, minimizing mistakes, and maximizing efficiency by optimizing time consumption with cost. The solution offers a customizable portfolio view to enable accurate analysis of cash flow projections, risk measures, money or time weighted performance calculation, contribution and attribution. Assetmax integrates investment management and client relationship management which enable a wide range of compliance checks and a precise auditing log. Every business transaction is accomplished with tightly integrated portfolio management, assisting enterprises to adhere to the rapidly evolving international regulations and compliance requirements.

The software offers a Regulation-focused CRM database with forms and documents designed to fulfill MiFID II and FIDLEG recommendations among others. It also provides an On-Boarding Workflow solution for workflow-based, fully audited on-boarding process to ensure that all necessary information is documented–following the highest quality standards.

Assetmax has been designed with the ambitious focus to automate all business processes relieving corporate management from the unbearable administrative burden

All the documents are stored keeping a history of revisions, checking signatures, and tracking validity dates. Further, Assetmax facilitates client-specific reports through its customizable Reporting solutions using powerful templates which allow maximum design flexibility and pixel-perfect PDF generation. In addition, the company’s visual reporting Designer enables preparing reports on-the-spot just by dragging and dropping content components.

The company’s efficacy in implementing solutions that easily manages assets and the application’s prime focus on efficiency and automation has assisted many large organizations to solve complex and mission critical issues. For instance, a global client faced with a challenging issue where they struggled to monitor and check every transaction to make sure that they were all legally correct and accurate. The customer reconciled more than 800 accounts manually requiring the whole day to finish the task. Moreover, the company had to assume that more than half of their transactions were correct as monitoring the entire transactions would leave their work incomplete. To clear the roadblock, Assetmax was implemented which entirely changed the way they were functioning. The solution takes less than one hour to complete the reconciliation by analyzing and matching every single transaction the customer had, saving much of their valuable time and resources.

According to most experts, the trend of raising costs and regulation is not going to reverse and a specialized and flexible solution such as Assetmax will be of great use in the current business scenarios as well as in the days to come.